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apenasme asked: I know this will seems a stupid question and you can call me "no culture" but... What is the plot of BBAJ?

It’s not stupid. And I would never call you (or anyone) that.  The basic plot of BBAJ is just the story of Andrew Jackson’s life, satirized.  It deals with his parent’s deaths, his years fighting to expand America, his political ambitions and eventual presidency, his wife’s death, the trail of tears… But it’s funny.  For a much more in depth synopsis than I just gave, check the wikipedia page!!!


Never Ending List of Musicals → 9. Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson

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Heath Calvert & Rachel Zampelli Jackson in Studio Theatre’s production of “Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson”


bloody bloody andrew jackson + red | requested by fangirlygoodness

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I can’t with this man anymore.

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